APA Title Page - How to

  • Posted on: 24 February 2020
  • By: admin

Every referencing style has its unique attributes for the title . The American Psychological Association, APA referencing is the most used style of referencing for writing academic work. It is seen as the default style to use for academic work even when the writing style is not mentioned. The most unique thing about the title of APA is that, it has the "Running head" followed by the topic of the work. This is on the header of the first . The "Running head" is not repeated for the rest of the in the document. Perhaps what confuses people the most is how to make the "Running head" not to appear on the rest of the . This is done by making the first different from the rest of the , through the selection of "different first " in the office design options.
To create APA first do the following; open a blank document. Click insert on the menu options, then select header. Then the bottom of the drop down options, select “edit header” option. Your header will now be active and the cursor will move to the header section. Another menu option will appear “Design”, mark the “different first ” box, and make sure it has a tick.
Now, the extreme left (probably where the cursor will be), type “Running head:” (without quotes), note the full colon the end, and also the “h” is in small letter for the “head” part. Space once and write the title of your paper in Caps. After this, use tab key to move the cursor (or move it any way) to the extreme right of the header. While the cursor is there, click number menu and select current position to put a number on the current position of the cursor. Also make sure that whatever you have written on the header is in your desired writing format i.e Times New Roman or Aerial. Double click on the body of your paper to move away from the header.
Now move to the centre middle of the and write:
Your Name
Institutional Affiliation (Tutor name, course code, course name and any relevant information)
After this, the first is ready, move to the next to start writing. Note that the following’s header will be blank since you already selected the first to be different from the rest. You will follow the above instructions to go to the and write the Title (in caps) without the “Running head:” Then insert a number.
Check the attached example, you can also just use it as a template for APA writing.