CJHS337 Unit 5DB (Ethics for CD Counselor)

Code of Ethics Violations

Assignment Overview
Type: Discussion Board
Unit: Code of Ethics Violations
Assignment Objectives
Analyze boundary issues between client/counselor and the means to address different types of alleged ethical violations, and the consequences of violating a code of ethics
Identify clinical supervision issues

Assignment Description
Dual or multiple relationships are a significant ethical and legal issue for counseling organizations. While it is clear that all types of dual or multiple relationships are not forbidden, there is the potential for damage to the client, even in acceptable multiple relationships. The relationship between the supervising counselor and the supervisee can also be at risk. The director wants to engage the newer counselors in a dialogue about dual relationships. Her goal is to determine what the current viewpoint is on this issue among the newer, less experienced counselors. As such, the director wants you to run the workshop for your supervisees to discuss the issue of dual relationships. Outline your position on dual relationships to prepare for the workshop.

Briefly describe a minimum of four (4) different types of dual relationships, both prohibited and acceptable
Answer the following questions:
In your opinion, are there any dual relationships that you consider acceptable? And if so, under what circumstances?
In your opinion, is it ever acceptable for a counselor to engage in a sexual relationship with a client, former client, or family member of a client or former client? And if so, under what circumstances?
What are some of the potential hazards to engaging in dual or multiple relationships with clients, former clients, or family members of clients or former clients?
For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

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