A presentation is almost similar to a speech but there is a slight difference. The two differ in that, the latter involves the use of only spoken to pass on information to an audience while a presentation makes use of the same and in addition visual aids like charts, slides, videos, power point presentations, models and others. The use of these aids leads to a successful reception of the information being passed across making a presentation more effective especially if it involves too much data analysis.
It is quite logical to know and understand the kind of audience to be addressed as it helps in making objectives of the presentation. Always base on material that the audience is not or is less familiar with as this will prevent them from feeling that their time is being wasted. The aids should be numbered and made available during the presentation to avoid confusion. It’s always good to do research before a presentation as this leads to getting of more useful information. After collecting enough data, good time should be taken to make a plan and organize the information in order. Then thorough rehearsal should follow, getting conversant and comfortable with what to present avoids stumbling over words during the actual presentation. If possible, record and listen to yourself. This will out line any mistakes made, leading to a correction. Repeat that until all mistakes are corrected. Without proper preparations, it is very easy to forget even the simplest words leave alone the complex ones.
It should start with a well structured introduction to capture the reader and the audience and end with a conclusion which leaves the audience wanting to act in the presenter’s favor. A good style makes you able to present ideas well in writing. If poor writing styles are applied, there will be no or less understanding on the reader. Some of the styles include, long or short sentences, use of vocabulary, verb forms and paragraphs. It is important to bear in mind that how these styles are used determines the quality of the written material. To be aware on what to write reading about the same topic as written by other people is important. Indentify the styles that are good from them and make use of them in your writing using the correct and right vocabulary. Avoid using terms not familiar with as using the wrong word or misspelling a word can change what was intended to be brought out. To avoid this, make good use of the dictionary or spell check on the word processor always. This makes a person more conversant with a lot of vocabularies, their spelling and meaning. The main points must be pointed out and enough time provided for each.
During the actual presentation, the presenter must exhibit confidence as well as apply emotions, use signs with hands. Introduction of oneself and providing a reason for the presentation is important. The visual aids should come at right time and the presenter must avoid blocking the audience from viewing. It is advisable to stand on the left of the aid. To avoid monotony which may lead to boredom of the audience, switch off if it is a video aid, or block the aid and introduce some talks in between. Conclude by highlighting the main points ask and answer questions and finally a contact address should be left behind.