Creative Writing Homework and Assignment

Creative writing is an art where the main objective of the person is to express his feelings, emotions and thoughts rather than in the situation where the particular individual just writes with an intention of only passing out a particular information. Creative writing is more an art because it is done more with skill and imagination same as other arts. Most people think about poetry and fiction when creative writing is mentioned. With this two the use of creativity is so obvious than other forms of creative writing where the expressed ideas may appear more realistic and true when they are actually just human thoughts.
Fiction is made up of imagination and creativity making it a set of creative writing. Many of the songs lyrics too comprise to creative thinking because of the content and the portrayed message may be talking more of imagination than reality. Screen writing like any other kind of creative writing needs some creativity and imagination to help pass the information, feelings and thoughts of the writer properly. A creative writer therefore needs to be innovative as creativity is good only when it is original. People do not find it amusing when it is very closely related to another creative work or maybe when the two can be linked together somehow. Creativity calls for originality.
Other forms of writing convey a lot of creativity in them. An essay may be intended to pass particular information and besides the information the writer incorporates a lot of emotions and feelings with his writing where the same information could be passed differently by another writer with different creativity. For this kind of creative writing, the degree of creativity determines the interests of the writing to the intended listener. For the listener to understand more of the information then his interests must be drawn into listening to the story carefully. The writer must incorporate such creativity for the listener to remember.
Mostly creative writing expresses who you are and where your particular interests are drawn. This is why a piece of creative work may appear interesting to one person and completely piece of junk to the other. For the people who see it not creative enough then they simply are not attracted by the same interests and are certainly very different from the writer. People who like a particular piece of creative writing from a particular writer will have something in common with the same writer. To be creative you have to be open-minded and free to express your ideas. People may ridicule your work but as long as you trust in what you are writing then someone will like it.
Creativity may seem so obvious to some people but in reality it demands for the writer to put more efforts in the attempt of coming up with more creative twists in his work. For perfection the particular individual must do a lot of practice at all time for him to come up with a perfect work. The particular individual should be writing short stories for pleasure at all in his note . Creative work comes according to the experiences one goes through. This means that the particular individual should carry his note everywhere to note down some ideas whenever they come.
The particular writer should understand that creativity can not be forced and that there are particular in the day when the ideas will flow too high and some other when the particular person will have to struggle to come up with a brilliant idea. One should know exactly the time when his ideas flow easily and make the work during that time. It is very rare for a person to come up with the right perfect idea at the very first time. Some people waste their time trying to make their first ideas perfect instead of making new more ideas. This should not be the case, a creative writer should just write down, create room for more ideas and correct latter. Creativity is all about a set of mind. This means that it can only be done for fun. You can not be creative and at the same time sad or stressed up. You need to set your mind in the condition of having fun and then make your work.