CSIA 350 WEEK 6 Homework Help

Briefing Paper: Exploring Factors Which Drive Market Demand for
Cybersecurity Products and Services
Failure to understand what drives customer demand in the cybersecurity market can result in a
quick trip to bankruptcy court or a forced sale of a company. For this reason, product developers,
service providers, and other types of vendors (e.g. resellers, systems developers, federal or state
contractors, etc.) need to understand what drives current and future customer demands and
requirements for technologies, products, and services. Once the relevant market factors are
identified, companies can develop strategies for meeting current and future demands for products
and services -- figuring out what customers want to buy and then providing it at a profit.
One of the most commonly used sets of market factors is referred to as PEST. The four factors in
this set are:
 Political-Legal factors (e.g. laws & regulations -- consider both current and proposed,
cybercrime, cyber terrorism)
 Economic factors (e.g. fines for non-compliance with laws or regulations, availability of trained
workforce, profitability of purchasers, availability of venture capital or credit for business
 Socio-cultural factors (privacy concerns, pervasiveness of computers and digital devices, digital
divide, “hacker” culture)
 Technological factors (product lifecycles, cloud computing, Internet of Things, etc.)
In this activity, you will explore the 4 PEST factors. Look for information that explains why a
company must identify and assess the impact these factors have or will have on the demand for
IT security solutions (products or services). (Hint: GDPR is having a significant impact on two
factors -- political-legal and economic -- for companies that do business in Europe.)
Present your findings in a 3 to 5 paragraph briefing paper. Your audience is a group of technical
and non-technical managers who are attending a monthly meeting to learn more about the
cybersecurity / IT Security Industry.
Post your briefing paper as a reply to this topic. Provide in-text citations and references for 3 or
more authoritative sources. Put the reference list at the end of your posting.

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