Australian enactments and at least five relevant cases

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AGLC referencing - Footnotes rather than endnotes
Identify and explain the law in AA v BB [2013] VSC 120.
Your assignment should aim to give an intelligent non-specialist reader
• an understanding of legal principles relevant to the judgment
• an understanding of what the dispute covered and who was involved
• a sense of why the dispute is significant and interesting
• a sense of how the dispute relates to other law (eg how the Court interpreted statute law and drew on past judgments in Victoria and other jurisdictions) rather than simply paraphrasing the report.
In explaining the law you need to discuss at least three Australian enactments and at least five relevant cases. Those cases must be from an Australian jurisdiction.
You must identify the parties to the dispute, the forum, the judge and legal counsel.
You need to use and cite at least ten scholarly secondary sources (eg monographs, law reform commission reports, law journal articles)

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