Assessment Task 2: Literature Review

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Assessment Task 2: Literature Review
Students will be required to identify a factor influencing the transition from a student nurse to a beginning level practitioner. Some common examples of issues that are identified as having an impact on graduate transition include shift work, horizontal violence, psychological burn out or organisational culture. Students are required to review the literature on the topic that they have chosen and to write a critical literature review. This assessment task has been divided into three parts.

Part A: Topic Selection – 200 words
Students are to provide an outline of their topic and rationale for having chosen it. Needs to provide a brief background on what will be explored, and relevance to transitional practice. If students are struggling for ideas for a suitable topic, please consult the Recommended Text for suggestions.

Please refer to Appendix 2A ‘Marking Guide: Part 2A – Topic Selection’ for full details required for successful completion of task.

WORD LENGTH: 150 words
REFERENCES: Minimum two (2) current peer reviewed articles
Part B: Annotated Bibliographies x 4 – 1000 words
Students are required to research four (4) current peer reviewed articles, and complete an annotated bibliography for each article. An annotated bibliography needs to include:
• The article title and full APA reference details,
• Identify the purpose, aim or question of the study,
• Identify the methodology used, and suitability in relation to the purpose of the study
• Identify the outcomes or conclusions, and any limitations of the study

It is important to remember that commenting critically on an article involves analysis and evaluation. Analysis of the article involves dissecting the information presented in order to identify the purpose, the main points, the methodology and the findings or conclusions of the article. In addition, analysis for critical comment involves identifying unstated assumptions, steps in the argument that are not logical, and any additional purposes of the article that are not explicitly stated. Evaluation of the article involves making judgements about the value (both positive and negative) of the article against specific criteria.

Additional information and support materials will be provided on Moodle. Please refer to Appendix 2B ‘Marking Guide: Part 2B – Annotated Bibliographies’ for full details required for successful completion of task.

WORD LENGTH: 250 words for each annotated bibliography

Part C: Literature Review – 2000 words
Students are to utilise the information gained from completing the annotated bibliographies and wider reading, to construct a critical literature review on their chosen topic.

Resources and support materials will be provided on Moodle in regards to structuring and prose of a literature review. Please refer to Appendix 2C ‘Marking Guide: Part C – Literature Review’ for full details required for successful completion of task.

WORD LENGTH: 2000 words
REFERENCES: Minimum of ten (10) current peer reviewed articles

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