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Online MAT 1033 Intermediate Algebra Syllabus – Spring 2022

MAT-1033-62093 & MAT-1033-64952 1

Online MAT-1033 Intermediate Algebra Syllabus – Spring 2022

Instructor:  Office: GHCS 239 (Ybor Campus) Office Phone: 253-7152 Class Dates: 2/7-5/3 Drop/Add: 2/7-2/11 Withdraw for Non-Attendance: 2/13 (*Complete work by 2/13 or you will be withdrawn for non-attendance.) Last Day to Withdraw: 4/5/2022 Office Hours: Listed in MyHCC Canvas, in Start Here section Welcome to MAT-1033! – I have planned out this course to help you be successful. Please let me know if there are materials or assistance you need but cannot find. Course Description: Online work and computer/Internet access are required. This section is best suited for selfdisciplined students who can work independently. Topics include relations, functions, polynomial operations, factoring, rational expressions, equations (linear, quadratic, radical, rational), systems of equations, inequalities, exponents, radicals, graphs of linear equations and inequalities in two variables, complex numbers and applications. Elective credit only. 4 credit hours. Prerequisite: MAT0028 with a grade ≥ C, or appropriate score on the HCC Placement test. • Prerequisite Knowledge: You must have a working knowledge of material covered in the prerequisite courses: arithmetic (with integers, fractions and decimals), order of operations, exponents, polynomial operations, solving linear equations, graphing lines in the coordinate system. • NOTE: This course will prepare students for MAC 1105 College Algebra. Students who are not required to take MAC 1105 are encouraged to discuss other course options with an advisor. Class Materials: • Required: o ALEKS online software ▪ Financial Aid Code (2-week grace period): See the Module page in our Canvas class for this 2- week code. ▪ ISBN for 18-week access (with electronic textbook): 9781260237146 ▪ Purchase through ALEKS on the first day of class or from the HCC Bookstore. o Access to reliable internet, computer, webcam and microphone. Technology issues are not a reason to miss deadlines. o Use only plain 4-function, TI-30XA or TI-30XIIs calculators on tests/exams. Symbolic calculators, graphing calculators and cell phone calculators cannot be used. o Free Resources: ▪ HCC Academic Success Centers (Free tutoring. Can also access information through Canvas.) ▪ Smarthinking (Online tutoring. Access link through Canvas.) ▪ Honorlock (Online proctoring for our tests and final exam. Access through Canvas.) ▪ The NROC Project videos and online textbook. (Access materials through Canvas.) Instructional Methodologies: Course content is delivered online through Canvas and the ALEKS program, which uses assessments to individualize instruction by determining what you know and are ready to learn next. You MAT-1033-62093 & MAT-1033-64952 2 are encouraged to use all resources available within Canvas and ALEKS: videos, animations, eText, worksheets, etc. A variety of homework assignments, quizzes, and tests will be given. Class Rules: All forms of academic dishonesty (cheating, fabricating, plagiarizing, etc.) are prohibited conduct at HCC and the appropriate disciplinary measures may be imposed upon the student as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. Mutual respect must be present in our online classroom. Disruptive behavior in any form will NOT be tolerated. MyHCC (Canvas): • Class syllabus, discussion board assignments, notes and other resources are in our class in Canvas. • The discussion board descriptions are in our class in Canvas. The due dates are listed in this syllabus. • Messages to the class are delivered through Canvas and announcements in our Canvas class. You are expected to check your HCC email and Canvas messages/announcements at least 3 times per week. Final Grade: Your grade is your responsibility. Start from day 1 to build the grade you want. You have every possible opportunity to succeed in this course. It is up to you to actually do it. Grades are assigned based completely on the numerical score that you have earned from the following components. Please work ahead to help prevent not being able to complete work on time. A = 90-100%, B = 80-89%, C = 70-79%, D = 60-69%, F = 0-59% 1. Tests 1-3 are proctored using Honorlock’s online proctoring service (3) = 60% 2. ALEKS Objectives and Overall Pie Score = 20% 3. Quiz 1-3 (Highest score for each quiz) = 15% 4. Class participation – Orientation/Syllabus Quiz, Discussion Board, Check-in Quizzes, etc. = 5% • Withdraw for Non-Attendance (WN): Students who do not complete work in our Canvas class and in ALEKS during the first week of class will be withdrawn from the course. This may affect your financial aid. See the top of page 1 for the exact date. HCC is required to comply with this federal law. • Withdraw (W): It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw before the specified date (page 1). Students that do not withdraw, but stop participating in the course will receive an “F”. This may affect your financial aid. • Extensions: Each due date is a benchmark to keep students on track. A 12-week class must move faster than a 16-week class to complete all objectives. Therefore, please plan ahead and have assignments completed early to give yourself some flexibility. Reach out to your instructor before the due date if you are experiencing any issues that could prevent you from completing assignments on time. Tests: Tests 1-3 are all required and must be proctored using Honorlock. See below for details about Honorlock. There is a graded review practice quiz for each test. See syllabus page 4 for due dates. • Test 1 (in ALEKS): Objectives 1-2; 17 questions; 90-minute time limit • Test 2 (in ALEKS): Objectives 1-5; 20 questions; 90-minute time limit • Test 3: Final Exam (in Canvas/Quizzes): Comprehensive; Multiple choice; 34 questions; 110-minute time limit • No extensions are given. Tests/Exams are required and are open for multiple days. They cannot be taken late, but can be taken early. To help students, the final exam score can count twice to replace a lower test score. • No notes, formulas or outside help sources are allowed during the tests/exams. • Test/Final Exam Preparation: Complete the required quizzes by their due dates, without using notes. They will help prepare you for the tests. Keep re-taking the quiz until you repeatedly earn 100%. You can view each ALEKS Quiz attempt in ALEKS (Assignments/Assignment Results) and click ‘Explain’ for any quiz question. • Honorlock Proctoring for the Tests • Honorlock is an online proctoring service that allows you to take your exam from home. You need a computer, a webcam, microphone and a stable Internet connection. If you encounter any issues, you should contact Honorlock by live chat. MAT-1033-62093 & MAT-1033-64952 3 • Directions and videos are on our Canvas Module page. Honorlock is free and easy to use. You will practice using it during the Honorlock Practice Quiz. • You will need Google Chrome, webcam, and microphone. Add the Honorlock Chrome Extension to Chrome. When you are ready to test, log into Canvas, go to our course, click on Honorlock (left-navigation), and then click on the correct assignment. Follow the screen prompts. • Click Launch Proctoring to begin the Honorlock authentication process, where you will take a picture of yourself, show your government issued ID (not HCC ID), and complete a thorough scan of your room and desk. a. Honorlock will be recording your exam session by webcam as well as recording your screen. b. Honorlock also has an integrity algorithm that can detect search-engine use, so please do not attempt to search for answers, even if it is on a secondary device. c. Show blank scratch paper to camera at beginning of test. Also show your work at the end of the test. d. Take picture or scan scratch paper and email to instructor through Canvas messages. ALEKS: • You will connect to ALEKS through our Canvas class, on our course Module page. • You MUST have access to reliable internet and computer. Technology issues are not a reason to miss deadlines. • ALEKS is an online math system that uses assessments to create an individualized learning plan. • Time and effort determine success. You should spend at least 7 hours per week working in ALEKS. Keep all of your work and notes organized. The topic, objective and date should be clearly marked. • As you complete assignments (objectives), assessments will pop-up. Your learning plan adjusts based on the results. Forgotten topics are re-added and learned topics are removed. Give ALL assessments your best effort so ALEKS can effectively customize your learning plan. Support Services: The Support Services webpage includes a comprehensive list of services available to all HCC students. Online Learning Hub: Helpful resources for online students. Located in the student intranet (SharePoint). Library: In addition to typical research resources – our libraries have WIFI hotspots for student checkout (two-week checkout), webcams (3-day checkout), and headsets with attached microphones (3-day checkout). Students can stop in the library during open hours to check out these items. Contact your campus library directly to reserve one of these items. Student Assistance Program: HCC’s Student Assistance Program offers resources tailored to student life, providing you with the right tools to help you through some of life’s toughest challenges. Equity Statement: HCC is an equal access/equal opportunity employer that makes employment and educationrelated decisions without regard to race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation (including gender identity), marital status, ethnicity, pregnancy, genetic information, veteran status, or any other bias that is or may be prohibited by law. Contact HCC’s Office of Equity and Special Programs for more information. Request for Accommodation: HCC is committed to creating a learning environment that meets the needs of its diverse student body. Any student whose disability falls within the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and requires accommodations should contact the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (OSSD). MAT-1033-62093 & MAT-1033-64952 4 Academic Success Centers: HCC believes in supporting its students and giving them the tools they need to thrive academically. Our Academic Success Centers (ASCs) provide learning environments, services, and resources designed to empower students to become successful, independent learners, all at no cost to students. Dual Enrollment: Informational website for Dual Enrollment students. Technical Resources and Help Desk: HCC’s Live Online Support Center is the best resource for most technical problems. Find answers to common questions on the HCC Live website. Live chat is available on the website and the phone number is 1.877.736.2575. Readiness Assessment and Orientation for Online Students: All students considering an online course are encouraged to view the Online Course Readiness orientation and take this assessment. The orientation and assessment will help you maximize your strengths and will prepare to be a successful online student. MAT 1033 – Course Intended Outcomes: Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to: 1. Factoring – ALEKS Objective 6 a. Factor quadratic expressions b. Factor sums and differences of cubes c. Factor polynomials with common factors 2. Algebraic fractions and rational equations – ALEKS Objective 7 a. Determine values for which an algebraic fraction is undefined b. Perform operations and express in simplest form c. Solve rational equations d. Solve problems involving variation 3. Radicals; Rational exponents – ALEKS Objective 8 a. Express in simplest radical or rational exponent form b. Perform operations c. Rationalize denominators d. Solve radical equations 4. Complex Numbers – ALEKS Objective 7 a. Define complex numbers b. Perform operations 5. Quadratic Equations – ALEKS Objectives 5 and 9 a. Solve by factoring, taking roots, completing the square, quadratic formula b. Use the discriminant to determine the nature of the roots 6. Linear Equations & Inequalities in 2 Variables – ALEKS Objectives 1, 2, and 3 a. Graph the solution sets b. Find the equation given various criteria c. Express the equation in various forms 7. Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities in 2 Variables – ALEKS Objective 4 a. Solve systems of equations graphically and algebraically b. Solve systems of inequalities graphically 8. Introduction to Functions – ALEKS Objective 3 a. Define function b. Express functions numerically, symbolically, and graphically c. Find domain, range, and function values 9. Application of the above topics – ALEKS Objectives 1-9 MAT-1033-62093 & MAT-1033-64952 5 Class Schedule: *All assignments are due by 8:59pm on the specified due date. You can complete assignments as early as you like. If you are busy on a due date, you should finish the assignment early. Due Date Assignments due by 8:59pm 2/12 • Syllabus/Orientation Quiz (in Canvas Quizzes) • ALEKS Initial Knowledge Check 2/14 • ALEKS Objective 1: One Variable Equations & Inequalities (43 topics) • Honorlock Practice Quiz (Practice using Honorlock for a test in ALEKS.) o You will need computer, webcam, microphone and government issued ID. o Click on Honorlock in our Canvas class, then on practice Quiz. o Follow the screen prompts. See Honorlock information on page 2-3 for more details. o Click on Honorlock’s chat bubble, if you need help. 2/21 • ALEKS Objective 2: Two Variable Equations & Inequalities (37 topics) • Discussion Board 1 (Need original post + 2 quality replies to classmates for full credit) 2/7-2/27 • Quiz 1 (in ALEKS) *Take this BEFORE you take the test. Being an expert at this quiz will increase your test score. Use Quiz report in ALEKS Assignments to learn from any mistakes. 2/23-2/28 • Test 1 (in ALEKS; Objectives 1-2) • Required and proctored through Honorlock. Prepare for this test by taking Quiz 1 first. 3/7 • Check-in #1 (in Canvas/Quizzes) • ALEKS Objectives 3: Functions (16 topics) • ALEKS Objective 4: Systems (13 topics) 3/14 • ALEKS Objective 5: Exponents & Polynomials (50 topics) • Discussion Board 2 (Need original post + 2 quality replies to classmates for full credit) 2/7-3/22 • Quiz 2 (in ALEKS) *Take this BEFORE you take the test. Being an expert at this quiz will increase your test score. Use Quiz report in ALEKS Assignments to learn from any mistakes. 3/14-3/23 • Test 2 (in ALEKS; Obj 1-5) • Required and proctored through Honorlock. Prepare for this test by taking Quiz 2 first. 3/30 • ALEKS Objective 6: Factoring (33 topics) • Check-in #2 (in Canvas/Quizzes) 4/11 • ALEKS Objective 7: Rationals (51 topics) • Discussion Board 3 (Need original post + 2 quality replies to classmates for full credit) 4/20 • ALEKS Objective 8: Radicals (63 topics) • Check-in #3 (in Canvas/Quizzes) 4/26 • ALEKS Objective 9: Quadratic Equations (13 topics) 4/27 • ALEKS Pie Mastery: Last day for ALEKS to count in grade 2/7 – 5/2 • Quiz 3 (in Canvas/Quizzes): Final Exam Practice Quiz (Use this to practice for the final exam) 4/26-5/3 • Test 3 (Final Exam in Canvas/Quizzes, Obj 1-9): Required. Proctored through Honorlock. • Prepare for this test by taking Quiz 3 first. Review quiz results to learn from any mistakes.