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are different assignments in the field of philosophy. Philosophy homework help
is often sought after by many students taking philosophy course. Philosophy
course seems rather like a challenging course to some students who perceive it
as being elusively difficult.

research philosophy focuses on viewing the social world as objectively as
possible. In positive research philosophy, the scientists are perceived as
being the objective analysts. This means that their research on philosophy is
extremely dissociated from their personal beliefs or opinions.

 Interpretivist research philosophy is the type
of research philosophy that focuses on the belief that the person carrying out
the research performs a certain role in the observation of the entire world. Based
on the interpretivist research philosophy the interests of the researcher
determine the research that is carried out.

 Fallacies in philosophy are faulty points of
view or arguments that lack any logic or sound reasoning. The fallacies in
philosophy may be intentional or unintentional and they result in false or
incorrect conclusions that make the audience believe in misconceptions.

 Immanuel Kant is a philosopher who is well
known for the Critique of Pure Reason. This is an important work in the field
of philosophy that was first published in the year 1781. Immanuel Kant
contributed to the field of philosophy through some of his popular works such
as deontology and moral theory. Immanuel Kant is best known for this popular
line, ‘’
All our knowledge
begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with
 There is
nothing higher than reason’’.

 Essentialism philosophy of education is a
philosophy that emphasizes that the main ideas ad skills that define a specific
culture should be equally taught to students especially the ones at the primary
school level. This implies that the tutors must exercise their authority well
in the classroom and that the specific subject being studied is actually the