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Accounting Hw Pepsi Sec 10K Statement

Accounting Hw Pepsi Sec 10K Statement

I.  Please post a rough draft of your paper by Saturday, April 26th at 11:59 pm.  Most of your paper will be based on the responses you posted in the discussions during the first five weeks of the term. 

The written report should include:

1)      Title page

2)      Opening paragraph: 1 paragraph– Introduce your company; explain what each does, where it is located, number of employees, major products, and any other pertinent facts. Also, note the year end Stock prices for your company. USE YOUR OWN WORDS!

3)      Discussion of the following four statements —one paragraph each

a)      Income statement

b)      Balance Sheet

c)       Statement of Stockholders’ Equity

d)      Statement of Cash Flows

4)      2 years of Ratio Analysis—Numbers and interpretation of the ratios – about one page

a)      Profitability ratios: gross profit margin, net profit margin, times interest earned, return on stockholders’ equity, earnings per share

b)      Liquidity/solvency ratios: current ratio, quick ratio, debt to asset ratio

c)       Free cash flows

       5) Appendix; show how the ratios were calculated


Accounting Hw Pepsi Sec 10K Statement