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Articles of Confederation

Articles of Confederation

Study Guide Chapter 7/8

Articles of Confederation

– Limitations

Land Ordinances (What Each One Does)

– Ordinance of 1785

– The Northwest Ordinance

– Land Act of 1800

Shays Rebellion

– Why it happened and what it relates to

Constitution and Constitutional Convention

– Why it was important and what happened at the convention

Virginia and New Jersey Plan

– Differences

Separation of Powers

– Branches

– What each branch does

Checks and Balances

– Who checks who and how


Three-Fifths Compromise

– What it does

Different Powers (Who has them and what they can do)

– Delegated

– Concurrent

– Reserved

Great Compromise

– What it settled and what it set up


Federalist v. Antifederalist

– The differences between them

Amendments 1-5

– What they did and what they guaranteed



Articles of Confederation