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Bad news messages/ professional writing

Bad news messages/ professional writing

Assignment 1:

No one ever wants to receive bad news, and layoffs are perhaps the worst of the bad news you could receive. As someone who has bad news to relate, you know your audience won’t be welcoming of the news. That said, how you present the bad news can make all of the difference. For this discussion, you will analyze and compare two different layoff emails from the same company, Microsoft.

The first layoff email is from 2014 and can be found here: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

The second layoff email is from 2015 and can be found here: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Both of these messages are problematic, and in your initial post of 250 words, you will compare how the two relate the bad news. What kind of organization do they use? If they use indirect organization, how indirect is it? What works well, and what could be improved? Consider the audience and purpose when you analyze the tone, word choice, organization, and so on.

Assignment 2:

  1. Write a letter announcing a decision not to renew a lease.

Assume the role of Gene Harley, the leasing manager of Northern Shopping Plaza. You have decided not to renew the lease of T-shirts Plus, which operates a tiny T-shirt decorating outlet in the mall. Three times in the past 13 months, the store’s employees have left their heat-transfer machinery switched on after closing. Each time, the smoke activated the mall’s smoke alarms and brought the fire department to the mall during the late-night hours. Although no damage has occurred, your insurance agent warns that the mall’s rates will rise if this situation continues.

The lease that T-shirts Plus signed five years ago specifies that either party can decide not to renew. All that is required is written notification to the other party at least 90 days in advance of the yearly anniversary of the contract date. By writing this week, you will be providing adequate notice. Convey this information to the store’s manager, Henry D. Curtis.

  1. Write a product recall letter.

You have received two reports that users of your ten-stitch portable sewing machine, Sew-Now, have been injured when the needle broke off while sewing. One person was sewing lined denim, and the other was sewing drapery fabric—neither of which should have been used on this small machine. Fortunately, neither injury was serious.

Although your firm accepts no responsibility for these injuries, you decide to recall all Sew-Now machines to have a stronger needle installed. Owners should take their machines to the store where they purchased them. These stores have been notified and already have a supply of the replacement needles. The needle can be replaced while the customer waits. Alternatively, users can ship their ma- chines to you prepaid. Other than shipping, there is no cost to the user. Prepare a letter that will go out to the 1,750 Sew-Now purchasers. Customers can call your toll-free number if they have questions.

  1. Write a memo announcing employee layoffs.

You are the SVP of human resources for a financial software company that has 7,500 employees. The company has decided to sell AccountSoft, one of its major products. The software has suffered declining sales for the past two years, and it no longer fits with the new mission of the company, which is to sell to small businesses and individuals, rather than larger accounting firms (currently 95% of AccountSoft’s buyers).

You will have individual conversations with employees who are affected by the lay- offs, but first you advise the CEO to send an email to all employees to announce the decision to sell AccountSoft and to prepare employees for the downsizing and what will happen next.

As you write this memo for the CEO to send under his name, consider that not all employees from the AccountSoft division will be laid off. The sales and marketing staff (about 150 people) will be leaving the firm, but the software developers will go to the acquiring firm, Accounting Support Services, Inc. This was your agreement with Ac- counting Support Services, as part of the acquisition deal.

Write the memo to communicate the decision clearly and help employees under- stand and accept the message.

Assignment 3:

1. Give one example each of logos, ethos, and pathos.

2. How does AIDA help you write a persuasive message/document?


Bad news messages/ professional writing