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This is the link of this week chapter:


Consider these and other thoughts on what you studied this week when doing your journal:


-What performance measures have you encountered at work? Are they effective, fair and consistent?


-What management techniques do you deem best for encouraging compliance with company standards? Positive/negative consequences?


-What is the Mission and Vision Statement of your organization? Is is once read and then forgotten or is it reinforced continuously?


-How are goals and objectives set in your organization? MBO program?


-Is the S.M.A.R.T. system the best way to structure attaining goals?


-What motivates you most in your job, life? Can you describe some good and bad motivation techniques you have encountered.


-For you, does motivation come from within (intrinsic) or outside (extrinsic)?


-How do you feel about content versus process theories of motivation?


-Do you feel empowered and engaged at work?


-Is your organization organized properly for maximum effectiveness?


-Can you feel the organizational culture of your organization? Does your organization have the right people in the right positions for positive results?