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CJHS337 Unit 2 Individual Project

CJHS337 Unit 2 Individual Project

Assignment Overview

 Individual Project
 Ethical Issues in Counseling

Assignment Objectives

Apply confidentiality regulations to a given set of facts.
Identify clinical supervision issues
Identify professional standards, scope of practice, non-discriminatory practices, copyright issues, federal, state, agency, professional codes of ethics, confidentiality regulations, and grievance procedures

Assignment Description

Your manager has given you a new assignment. It is time to update the employee handbook. You will be creating information to add to the handbook. You are to outline the following factors in the tables provided below:

Table 1:

To support your proposed Computer and Internet Use policy, provide information on why the following factors are important by referring to the ACA Code of Ethics, HIPAA, etc. Remember, you are trying to convince your manager to use your language in the handbook update, so support your position by identifying the specific 2014 ACA Code of Ethics Subsections, HIPAA, etc.


Important Factor Why is it important? Supporting Information
1. Data maintained in electronic formats must be secured using the best security.
2. Access to client health information must be appropriately limited.
3. All electronically stored data must be destroyed as soon as the information is no longer needed for treatment purposes or required to be kept in client records.
4. Systems are appropriate to the client’s needs and the provision of these services must take place in a nondiscriminatory fashion.
5. Software must be designed for a specific function and in a manner that is safe for our clients.
6. Inform clients of the benefits and limitations of the technology. Counselors must determine whether our clients are intellectually, emotionally, and physically capable of using the technology.
7. Technology to use is in compliance with any federal, state, and local laws.
8. All personal must be appropriately trained.
Table 2:

Draft language for a proposed organizational standard for ethical decision making. Using the following information, describe the step-by-step process for making critical decisions about potential ethical dilemmas faced by counselors. This process should include, where appropriate, reference to the ethical code at the state level or a model code from a nationally recognized organization.


Ethical Decision-making Steps Description of Steps State Ethical Code or Model Code Reference
Identify the problem.
Determine what ethical, legal, and institutional policies are involved.
Determine potential solutions.
Choose and implement the solution.
Evaluate the results.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.


CJHS337 Unit 2 Individual Project