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CJHS337 Unit 4-Individual Project group Four

CJHS337 Unit 4-Individual Project group Four

Unit 4 – Group Project

Assignment Overview

 Group Project
 Client’s Rights

Assignment Objectives

Define client rights and responsibilities and mandatory reporting requirements
Describe legal ramifications of non-compliance with confidentiality regulations.

Assignment Description

Individual Portion:

Provide a 350-word essay answering the following question: Of all the client rights (refer to the Unit 4 course materials) that must be protected and ensured by the chemical dependency counselor, please list and describe the right that you consider to be the most important, and explain why you believe it to be the most important client right.

Please add your file.

Group Portion:

The agency director learned of the brown bag lunch training that you gave your supervisees on the subject of client rights and was very impressed with your idea and your initiative. As is often the case, hard work is rewarded with more work and responsibility. The director has asked you to work with the other supervising counselors to prepare a presentation to present to the entire agency dealing with client rights. In this presentation, you are to discuss each of the client rights in detail, and provide examples that illustrate the importance of ensuring that client rights are protected.

Your presentation should cover the following:

  • A complete listing of 14 client rights discussed in the Unit 4 DB and course materials. For each listed client right, also provide the following:
    • A detailed explanation of each listed client right
    • An example of each right being violated and the potential repercussions to the individual counselor and the agency for said violation
    • An explanation of the potential damage to the client for the above-described violation of the client right
    • A description of what steps the counselors of this agency can take to prevent such a possible violation of the client right

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.


CJHS337 Unit 4-Individual Project group Four