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Criminal Justice Request

Criminal Justice Request

Please answer each in at least 2 paragraphs.


1 – What are the factors which are affecting crime trends in the United States? Is age and gender a factor in the crime trends of this country?




2 – As mentioned in the PowerPoint, the Bill of Rights refers to the first ten amendments that were made to the original U.S. Constitution. One of the main purposes of the Bill of Rights was to preserve the sanctity of the Constitution that many of the Founding Fathers feared might later be circumvented by the Government.

Has this attempt to protect the Constitution been successful?  Do you think there are those in this country that have or attempted to circumvent the Constitution?  If so, how did they do this?  Some say the Constitution is a “living document” and thus is, or should be, open to interpretation as our society “evolves”.  Others say it should be interpreted literally, as written. Where do you stand on this issue and why?




3 – Discuss the problems of crime victims. Do they receive everything that they need to become whole again?




4 – In determining the degree of force that is reasonable and necessary under the circumstances, officers must consider:

  1. The severity of the crime,
  2. Are the officers placing themselves in a position to force the Use of Force when other options should be considered?
  3. Does the suspect pose an immediate threat to the safety of the officer/others?
  4. Is the suspect actively resisting arrest/attempting to evade arrest by flight and if allowed to escape, does he/she pose a serious threat to others?

Obviously a department’s use of force policy must establish guidelines officers can apply to any given situation to determine the amount of force that would be appropriate.   The policy should not be vague, being clear enough to ensure an officer can exercise sound judgment to utilize the policy in an effective manner.   Training is an essential part of the use of force.  Officers must be properly trained and understand the department’s policies on the appropriate use of force.  All use of force training must:

  1. Ensure officer safety;
  2. Gives officers the information needed to make informed (legally correct) decisions;
  3. Ensures officers use the least intrusive means/force to accomplish their lawful objectives; and
  4. Facilitates the officer’s competent rendition of the incident facts in their reports and their testimony.

Watch the two videos of force being used by on-duty police officers.

  • Discussion Question #1 Video
  • Discussion Question #2 Video

In the first video, you will see an armed suspect who is shot by officers responding on an accident call. Considering the use of force discussion we had in class, is the officer’s use of force appropriate? Did they have any other options? Why or why not? If you were in the same situation, what would you have done?

In the second video, you will see on-duty police use an unorthodox type of force to unarm and take into custody a suspect who is armed with a knife.  Again, considering the use of force discussion we had in class, is the officer’s use of force appropriate?  Do you think the officer’s lives where actually in serious danger?  Using what information you can from the video, could the officers legally used deadly force in that situation?  Did they have any other options?  Why or why not?  If you were in the same situation, what would you have done?

Students are expected to be respectful to others.


5 – What would deter you from assaulting a person?  Taking someone’s belongings?     Drinking underage?  Downloading music or software illegally? (Take note of the formal and informal sanctions provided).





6 – A variety of mental disorders have been linked to criminal activities.

Discuss whether criminals who have been deemed mentally ill should be incarcerated for their offenses or be housed in a mental health facility.

Is it appropriate to incarcerate someone with a mental illness?


Are they “getting away” with the crime if they are housed in a mental health facility instead of a prison?


Criminal Justice Request