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Disability And Representation In Film

Disability And Representation In Film

– 10 pages 3,500 words


– Disability and representation in film

-My argument is on masculinity and social gender norms in movies. Also how these norms are also based on ability.


– Explain this representation in the movies…

-300(Zack Snyder)

-Avatar (James Cameron)

– X-Men (Bryan Singer)

– Million Dollar Baby (Clint Eastwood)


Below I attached my critical sources. If you could find two more scholarly sources for me it would be much appreciated.


– I need a strong introduction explaining more of a general idea of masculinity/gender roles in movies. Then I need each of these movies to be analyzed explaining how these themes are represented. I also attached a summary so you have an idea of what direction I’m trying to go in.










Disability And Representation In Film