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Unit 4: Observation in Early Childhood


Watch the video, “Physical Development in Early Childhood,” @ and choose one child to observe for motor development.


Discuss and defend the observation technique you used.


  • Why did you select this observation technique?


  • What did you learn?


  • What other observation technique could you have used?


  • What more do you need to know?


Explain the importance of direct observation to a coworker who is new in the early childhood field. Give specific examples of why it is important to conduct objective observations of young children.


Unit 4: Happiness – Discussion


What do you see as “the American dream,” and how is it associated to happiness and freedom? What are some places in the world where the definition of happiness and/or freedom might be different?


Using the film introduction for this unit as a guide, Nepal: A Girl’s Life, do some research and discuss how happiness is understood in another country or culture.


The example of Nepal from the video is one example; select another culture or country for your example.


Also, consider how freedom is defined in this specific country or culture. Give specific examples of both happiness and freedom in the country or culture you select; incorporate credible sources and reference the Unit 4 reading material. Include APA formatting.