Drama Essay Assignment

Drama Essay Assignment

Essay Prompt: Choose a main character from Othello and write a complete essay that focuses on their growth, development, change and motivations as a character

Your essay should abide by the following guidelines:

Essay should include an introduction with an appropriate thesis statement.

The introduction should always include the author’s name and the title of the story being discussed.

Introduction should also include what character is being discussed.

Thesis statement should state what you intend to show or prove about this character.

You can review what the textbook says about thesis statements on pages 15 and 23.

There should be at least three body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should focus on different aspects of the character you have chosen and how they develop throughout the play. Consider the following points as you write your body paragraphs:

How is the character revealed at the beginning of the play? What are some examples that describe this character? Are there any direct quotes that could be used to better describe this character?  How do these examples show what kind of character he/she is?

How does this character change throughout the course of the play? Are there any examples and direct quotes that can be used to illustrate this change in the character? (For example: changes in actions, attitudes, beliefs, or self-image) Why is this change important to the character?

How could this character be described near the end of the play? Are there any examples or quotes that illustrate how or why they changed? Is this change for the better or for the worse?

Each body paragraph should include a direct quote and parenthetical reference to the story being discussed

Essay should include an effective conclusion that wraps up the essay.

There should also be a works cited that begins on a new page after the conclusion.

The works cited page should only include a reference to the story that is being discussed; no other outside information is needed for this assignment.

The Works Cited page should be submitted with the essay. Do not email or hand in a separate document with the works cited page. It will not be accepted.

Essay should be 600-800 words. Word count does not include the Works Cited page.

Also, please review

The “Writing Guidelines and Tips” document that is found in the “Course Content” tab.

The essay grading rubric is in the Unit 2 folder in the “Course Content” tab.









Drama Essay Assignment