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Develop one for your case study essays in connection with the topic you choose from below. You must answer all parts of the question to receive credit. Your answers need to be written as short essays (1000-1200 words), so you need to include an introduction and conclusion and any quotations or paraphrases must be appropriately cited. In addition, it is important to think of this essay as a development of your previous work. Do not just copy that previous work and then add an introduction and a conclusion. Instead, expand on the earlier essay by adding greater detail on the theory of ethics you think best applies, whether that theory is Kantian, Utilitarian, or Aristotelian. Use the feedback from the earlier essay along with your further reflections and review, to revise and expand the case analysis you’ve chosen for this final essay.

Choose one of the case studies we covered:

  1. Welfare
  2. Healthcare
  3. Capital punishment
  4. Affirmative action

In the final essay you have 5 tasks:

1. Give a clear and concise explanation of the case at hand.

2. Give a thorough, philosophical exegesis of the relevant aspects of the case and the ethical issues that are involved.

3. Present an argument applying the relevant philosopher (Kant, Mill, Aristotle) to the case at hand.

    1. Define, describe, and explain the theory in detail (at least two or three pages), and then
    2. Apply that theory.

4. Present an argument explaining why that particular theory of ethics offers the most successful solution to the case.

5. In no more than one paragraph, explain what solution you would propose for the case.

The Main Point

The whole idea here is to prove that you have a thorough, accurate, and correct understanding of at least one of the theories of ethics we have covered (Kant, Mill, or Aristotle) and how that theory would be best applied to the given case. The majority of the essay (two or three pages) should be a full, accurate summary of your chosen theory.