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Help In Supply Chain Management

Help In Supply Chain Management

Answer the below 10 questions



  1. Explain the four ways that warehousing facilitates the regrouping function.



  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of private warehousing?



3- What is the building-blocks concept? How is it applied to the handling of packaged goods?



4-The chapter describes approximately 10 functions that a protective package should accomplish. Does every package have to accomplish every function? Explain.



5-Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the unit load.



6-Pick three modes of transportation, name the federal agency responsible for safety regulation for each of the modes you picked, and provide a safety-related issue for each mode.



7-Discuss advantages and disadvantages to private transportation.



8-How does the class rate system simplify with respect to product, weight, and distance?



9-Discuss the four factors used in determining a product’s freight classification.



10The bill of lading is the single most important document in transportation. Discuss some of the basic functions it performs.


Help In Supply Chain Management