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NURS 8410

NURS 8410

Through the policy process, nurses can put their feelings—as well as their experiences and expertise—into actions that create results. In this course, you have been honing your skills for critically assessing evidence with the purpose of improving practice and developing new practice approaches. As a DNP-prepared nurse, you can influence health care outcomes at the population or aggregate level. Leading policy development to address health care concerns is a vital way to achieve this.

For the past several weeks, you have been focusing on a health care issue of interest to you for your EBP Assignement. For this Discussion, consider how you could lead policy development in support of a proposed evidence-based practice approach that addresses that issue and is designed to promote quality.

Reference: Nursing Schools. (2012). 100 entertaining and inspiring quotes for nurses. Retrieved from

To prepare:

  • Select one of the new practice approaches you developed for the Week 6 Discussion.
  • Review the Trautman (2009) article listed in the Learning Resources. Assess the strategies for engaging in the policy process.
  • Consider the barriers to using evidence to affect changes in health care policy discussed in the course text.
  • Brainstorm ideas for leading policy development related to your suggested practice approach, as well as ideas for addressing those barriers

Post a cohesive response that addresses the following:

  • Identify your proposed practice approach in the first line of your posting.
  • How would you lead policy development for your selected issue?
  • What strategies could you use to overcome barriers you may encounter while engaging policy makers? (Select two or more strategies to focus on in your posting.)

NURS 8410