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Week 1: Privacy and Corporate Liability

Week 1: Privacy and Corporate Liability
Week 1: Privacy and Corporate Liability

Must post first.

Red Clay’s senior leadership team are reviewing the company’s Annual Report, which the CEO will presented at the next quarterly shareholder’s meeting. That report includes the following risk statement.

We could be liable if third-party equipment recommended and installed by us, i.e. voice activated smart home controllers, infringes on the privacy of our residential clients.

Research how smart devices sense and record information from the environment around them. For example, an device might be designed to listen and record voice inputs OR it might record other sources of private information about movement, locking / unlocking of doors with dates and times, use of devices, etc.

Using your research, write a two-page briefing paper (five to seven paragraphs) that corporate board members can use to explain how the third party equipment could infringe on customer privacy and why the company might be liable for damages if customers experience a loss of privacy. Your target audience is Red Clay Renovation’s to shareholders. Provide specific examples of the types of risk events that could occur and the potential impacts (e.g. financial, reputation, client trust, etc.) Your examples should relate to Red Clay and the course case study. Remember, the board members and shareholders are likely non-technical, so make sure your paper can be understood by laymen.

Provide in-text citations and references for 3 or more authoritative sources. Put the reference list at the end of your posting.

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Week 2 Discussions

For this discussion you must:

  1. Create an MS Word document containing your “short paper” (response) for the discussion topic. Use MS Word to spell check and grammar check your work! Then, submit this file to the Discussions item in the assignment folder so that a Turn It In scan report is generated.
  2. Copy the text from your document into a response to the Weekly discussion topic and then post that response before Sunday at 11:59 PM ET. (Do not post your document as an attachment.)
  3. Post the required critiques (2) before Tuesday at 11:59 PM ET
  4. Post two (2) additional follow-up replies before Tuesday at 11:59 PM ET

All postings for “credit” towards the weekly discussion grade must be completed before Tuesday at 11:59 PM ET.


Week 1: Privacy and Corporate Liability