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What Is Entrepreneurialship?

What Is Entrepreneurialship?



Grading Template





Grading Area



Points Possible Points Awarded
1 Attention Getter The student opened the presentation with a promise, a fact, a story, a question, a quotation, etc. 10  
2 Introduction The clearly stated the main idea and provided a preview of the main points they intend to cover. 10  
3 The Body The body of the presentation had no more than five main points. Information presented was logically laid out and all points supported the main thesis. 20  
4 The Conclusion The conclusion contained a restatement of the main idea and provided a summary of the main points. The conclusion contained a strong closing statement to help the audience remember the material. 10  
5 Use of Language The student spoke clearly, made good eye contact, used gestures to emphasize important points, showed enthusiasm and interest, and their use of language contributed to the effectiveness of the presentation.  Vocalized pauses did not interfere with the flow of the presentation (no ‘um’, ‘ah’, ‘ya know’, etc.) 30  
6 Documents Prior to their presentation, the student provided the instructor with an APA formatted listing of the references used. 10  
7 Time Limit The student stayed within time limit restrictions of no less than 5 minutes or longer than 10 minutes. 10  
Total Points 100  
Total Points (Total Score x Point Value = Total Points for Assignment) 125  

What Is Entrepreneurialship?