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When Can Get My Assignment Back?

When Can Get My Assignment Back?

Biography project

Fishbowl Presentation and paper


General Guidelines: Each student will pick a particular person significant in urban education from the list provided below. Your choice is due on BB. If you prefer, you may suggest an alternative individual but must confer with the professor. You will generate a paper (5-8 pages) that addresses the questions below and participate with your groups in a fishbowl activity (TBD) to share and discuss (in character) your subject’s opinions related to particular education questions. A hard copy of the paper must be brought to class.  


INTASC 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, COE technology; ACEI 2.4, 3.4, 3.5, 5.1).  Metropolitan perspectives goal:  Articulate how an individual or a group may have access to influencing public decisions in the metropolis, how they may pursue collective ends, or how they may contribute to a community of well-being.


Biography project

Fishbowl Presentation and paper


Specific requirements for your PAPER

¨       5-8 pages, double spaced, running head, ONE INCH margins, page numbers, 12 font, in APA style only, and footer: [EDUC 202Progressive Educator  Your name]

¨       For APA format guidance, please refer to

¨       Include a cover page and reference section, which do NOT count as part of the required 5-8 pages.


Headings and Guiding Questions


¨       Address the following questions and: USE THESE HEADINGS

o   Introduction: background, location, education, history etc.

o   Ideas: Several important and relevant highlights of the scholar’s ideas about urban schools, educators, students, administration (i.e. policies, historical events, etc.)

o   Contributions: Important contributions the scholar made to the issues in urban education.

o   Influence: Your assessment of the influence of this scholar on urban education in the 21st century.

o   Summary and Conclusion: In addition to a summarizing conclusion, please include two questions you would ask your educator if you could sit down with them today.  What did your research not reveal that you wonder about?


Sources for your

Educational Biography Paper


¨       You are required to have multiple sources for your paper.  A minimum of three sources are required, more would be beneficial.  At least one of those sources must be a book and one should be something written by your person.   Only one may be from the internet but if so it must also be from a reputable, academic, professional source (FYI: NOT Huffington Post or Wikipedia).

¨       These sources must be cited within the body of the paper appropriately (see APA reference above) and in the required reference section at the end.

¨       sentations.



John Goodlad





When Can Get My Assignment Back?