World Civilization Assignment

World Civilization Assignment

Write a 1.5-2 page paper comparing the von Sivers description of either the Incas or the Aztecs to the von SIvers description of one of the civilizations we have encountered in earlier weeks.  Where are the consistencies in treatment?  Where are the treatments different in what they look at?  What do you think explains the differences?


Aztecs/Incas links: 

M 23-VI     Americas, The Maya VON SIVERS, 177-188

                        Read first 10 printed pages of Popol Vuh, available at



T 24-VI    Americas , Inca and Aztecs  VON SIVERS 188-193, 496-515




W 25-VI          Christianization & Byzantium VON SIVERS, 212-218 ,311-314




R 26-VI Mediaeval Europe  VON SIVERS 338-371

Einhard Life of Charlemagne at        

Pope Gregory VII Dictatus Papae



Links from earlier weeks:

T 27-V:  Paleo/Neolithic: VON SIVERS Skim 4-33; read carefully: 10-13, 21-28, 37-40, 62-64.

               visit Lascaux Cave:

               Read Smithsonian article on Gobekli Tepe



W 28-V: Mesopotamia, VON SIVERS 40-47 plus box on 48-49

                Read Epic of Gilgamesh, Prologue + Tablets I – III at

    Read Prologue, Laws 1-50, Epilogue of Code of Hammurabi in “Text” section at


R 29-V:  Egypt, VON SIVERS, 47-52, 56-57

View & read about Narmer Palette, both reverse and obverse sides at 


Look at Magical Bricks and Coffin of Meresamun at

Read full article on Tut & DNA at


*** Stick to these links**


World Civilization Assignment