Community Health Project Proposal

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Assignment Topic: Community Health Project Proposal
Assignment: Project proposal
Students will develop a proposal submission for a community health program or practice change they wish to undertake in the community.
Examples of projects that may be addressed in a proposal include:
- A health promotion program
- A new program focusing on improving services or practice with a specific community group
- Development of a screening program with a specific community group
- An improvement of a specific aspect of care delivery in the community

The proposal should include the following:
- A brief introduction that describes the proposed project
- A description of the issue being addressed by the project
- Aims of the project
- Rationale for the project
- An analysis of the literature that informs the project
- Strategies of the project
- A timeline for the project
- The way in which the project would be evaluated
- Benefits envisaged from conducting this project
If you wish, you may develop this proposal for submission to a specific body. If you do this, please attach the guidelines from the body the proposal is being submitted to. You may also include a budget – but this is not essential for this assignment.

Assessment Criteria
- The proposal addresses an issue that is relevant to community health practice and is consistent with community health practice principles
- Demonstrates a thorough understanding and critical analysis of the literature that informs the focus and strategies of the project
- The selected strategies demonstrate a thorough understanding of current community health principles and issues
- Has demonstrated an understanding of the planning processes involved in undertaking a community health project.
- Demonstrates an ability to provide critical analysis of relevant research literature in relation to the focus and strategies of the project
- The proposal is written and presented in an acceptable academic style.
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