Reviews Homework Help

A review is a formal assessment or re-examining an already completed work. Reviews are very important because they tell the author of the particular work where he/she according to his audiences. Reviews are done for the text to be measured whether it has significance in the market. For good review feedback then it is necessary for the person demanding for the review to ask it from very different people. The reason is for them to capture the different ideas that the different people have concerning the particular idea. This makes them recognize the mistakes they did in their ideas and the necessary corrections needed.
For a particular person to do a review on a particular area it is important for them to understand the topic to be reviewed. A review is all about accepting or denying what the particular person thought about the particular field. To make a good review you have to ridicule the ideas of the person and make them stronger on the different places you notice weakness. A good review can be done by a complete stranger who does not know you and has nothing to hide within the results he gives from his findings.
For a person to give a good literature review it is good for them to go through the entire work. The reason is for the particular individual to understand the topic in question. After that he/she should think about the ideas he thinks were put wrongly throughout the entire text. With these ideas he has to come up with ideas and reasons as to why he/she thinks that the particular ideas are not good. The point is not to concentrate on the negative side alone but the person can also look at the positive ideas in the work and find list the techniques that can be incorporated to make them better. This way the review will help make the original text better and more interesting for the people who will be reading it.
Reviews are of more help to the author of the text than anyone else. The author may think that all his ideas are correct but it is important for a human being to understand that the human brain is faulty and should be constantly corrected. He should therefore make sure that all the intended changes are well looked into again and that the person who reviewed the text has had his idea implemented if necessary. The point is simply to look into the corrections that the people taking the review suggested and making the necessary amendments for change. For the strong points in the review, the writer should feel more encouraged and should make them better according to the suggested ideas.
It is however important for the writer to understand that the particular reviews are from fellow people and are possibly faulty too. This means that the person may either be correct or wrong. It is important for the person to understand that he is the person with the original idea that is intended to be passed to the particular audience. This should harden the audience in such away that they should not be affected by the comments given to them by the reviewers. They should make sure that the results from the reviews only contribute to make them good and commendable. Some people will make bad and negative comments and making these amendments to the original copy may result to alteration of the intended topic.