Assignment Topic: Outline of Self Control Project

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Assignment Topic: Outline of Self Control Project
More detail:
Part A: To help getting you started you will submit a 500 (max) word outline of which
• behaviour(s) you have selected for your project,
o example giving up alcohol for a month
• which antecedents you have identified as being responsible for eliciting, or inhibiting, a target behaviour
 boredom
 habit
*the focus of the project is more about the antecedents than the consequences
• what consequences you have observed to be controlling the target behaviour or the competitors of that target behaviour: e.g.
o It’s 5 O’Clock somewhere
o Enablers …..
o Society
You should outline your “plan of attack” for how you propose to change the frequency of your “target” behaviour:i.e. what rewards you plan to use to try and reinforce desirable target behaviours, or withdraw from undesirable behaviours (extinction)
and what alterations to your environment you could make in order to try to manage the stimuli that control the occurrence or non-occurrence of targeted behaviours e.g.
Pre-commitment – e.g. febfast

Attaching some background information and also some personal thoughts re outline that could be incorporated towards work but needs much more and to be turned into a more professional and academic document.

Also attached here are some extra documents that might help writer put outline together on target behaviour (alcohol consumption).

Useful references as sent previously in background information document might also be useful e.g.

Barone, D.F. (1982) Instigating additional self-modification projects after a personal adjustment
course. Teaching of Psychology, 9, 111.

Goldfried, M. R., & Merbaum, M. (1973). A perspective on self-control. In M. R. Goldfried & M.
Merbaum (Eds.), Behavior change through self-control (pp. 3-34). New York: Holt, Rinehart and
Winston, Inc.

Thoreson, C.E. & Mahoney, M.J. (1974) Behavioral self-control. New York: Holt, Rinehart &

Watson, D.L. & Tharp, R.G. (2007). Self directed behavior: Self modification for personal
adjustment. 9th ed. Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole.

The journals Behavior Therapy, Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry and Behavior
Research and Therapy carry reports on self-control.

Check the topic ‘choice’ as well as ‘self-control’ when doing your literature searches. Any books on
behaviour modification (as opposed to therapy) will probably deal with issues of self-control.
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