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  • SOC-100 Everyday Sociology Syllabus

    Everyday Sociology SOC-100 4 Credits Sep 4 – Oct 22Course DescriptionThis course surveys concepts, theories, and methods of applied sociology in everyday life. Emphasis is placedon demonstrating the impact of sociological concepts on human behaviors and interactions in society.Instructor Contact InformationJohn [email protected] ResourcesEssentials of Sociology: A Down-to-Earth ApproachHenslin, J. M. (2019). Essentials of sociology: A…

  • COM-312 Conflict and Negotiation Syllabus

    Conflict and Negotiation COM-312 4 Credits Oct 23 – Dec 17Course DescriptionThis course is designed to introduce the concepts and theories relevant to understanding conflictcommunication and the negotiation process. In this course, students are introduced to various elements ofconfict and negotiation communication across a variety of contexts including interpersonal, organizational,and international. Upon completion of this…

  • CST 620 9044 Prevention of Cyber Attack Methodologies (2238)CST-620

    CST 620 Syllabus  Faculty Contact Christopher Hughes [email protected]  Course Description Prerequisite: CST 610. Explore the theories and practices related to the prevention of cyber-attacks. Design, apply, and analyze technological solutions that address countermeasures, encryption, network access control methods, firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention, and secure systems development. Practice techniques such as software assurance, verification, and validation; virtual network…

  • CMIT 495 6384 Cybersecurity Technology Capstone (2238)CMIT-495

    CMIT 495 Cybersecurity Technology Capstone Syllabus  Faculty Contact Brian Nelson [email protected]  Course Description Prerequisites: Completion of at least 27 credits of CMIT coursework. A comprehensive project-driven study of network design and security, with an emphasis on the integration of knowledge, practical applications, and critical thinking. The objective is to implement a secure and scalable network to…

  • ITT-116: Platforms and Network Technologies

    ITT-116 Calendar Syllabus Download Syllabus Sep 4-Oct 22, 2023 Platforms and Network Technologies ITT-116 4 Credits Course Description This course exposes students to the fundamentals of networks and networking in IT. It then builds deeper understanding of how networks work, including the topics of LANs, WANs, service providers, packets, hubs, routers, switches, and Internet protocols. The…

  • Biology Non-Science Majors I.2023-10-16.2023-12-08.TD604 BIOL1408.20231016.648912

    Biology Non-Science Majors I.2023-10-16.2023-12-08.TD604 BIOL1408.20231016.648912

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