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Assignment Topic: Outline of Self Control Project
More detail:
Part A: To help getting you started you will submit a 500 (max) word outline of which
• behaviour(s) you have selected for your project,
o example giving up alcohol for a month
• which antecedents you have identified as being responsible for eliciting, or inhibiting, a target behaviour
 boredom
 habit
*the focus of the project is more about the antecedents than the consequences

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BSBRES401A: Analyse and present research information
Overview To complete this you are required to analyse and present research information for an identified research objective. To evidence the learner’s ability to perform these tasks, they must progressively develop and complete a formal research report. This document will verify the ability of the learner to:
• Gather and organise information for a specific topic relevant to the organisation;

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Assignment Topic: New hope for emphysema suffers
Emphysema is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that is common in cigarette smokers. The alveoli within the lungs where gas exchange occurs are progressively damaged and scarred, leading to scarring of the alveolar capillaries. This dramatically reduces the ability of the lungs to provide oxygen to the tissues of the body and also to excrete carbon dioxide wastes.

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• The assignment is to be presented in a question/answer format not as an essay (ie no Introduction or Conclusion).
• Each answer has a word limit (1500 in total for the assignment); each answer must be supported with citations.
• A text format and Reference List must be in APA 6th style format, provided at the end of the assignment.
adhere withinin 10% of word limit
clear progressional of ideas, correct grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation
>structure and overall presentation appropriate to format chosen organisation, presentation and referencing

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Assessment Task 2: Literature Review
Students will be required to identify a factor influencing the transition from a student nurse to a beginning level practitioner. Some common examples of issues that are identified as having an impact on graduate transition include shift work, horizontal violence, psychological burn out or organisational culture. Students are required to review the literature on the topic that they have chosen and to write a critical literature review. This assessment task has been divided into three parts.

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AGLC referencing - Footnotes rather than endnotes
Identify and explain the law in AA v BB [2013] VSC 120.
Your assignment should aim to give an intelligent non-specialist reader
• an understanding of legal principles relevant to the judgment
• an understanding of what the dispute covered and who was involved
• a sense of why the dispute is significant and interesting

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Assignment Topic: Community Health Project Proposal
Assignment: Project proposal
Students will develop a proposal submission for a community health program or practice change they wish to undertake in the community.
Examples of projects that may be addressed in a proposal include:
- A health promotion program
- A new program focusing on improving services or practice with a specific community group
- Development of a screening program with a specific community group
- An improvement of a specific aspect of care delivery in the community

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Discuss the ethical choices in the situations below. In each instance, describe the ethical dilemma, determine the alternative courses of action, and tell what you would do. 1. You are the payroll accountant for a small business. A friend asks you how much another employee is paid per hour. 2. As an accountant for the branch office of a wholesale supplier, you discover that several of the receipts the branch manager has submitted for reimbursement as selling expenses actually stem from nights out with his spouse. 3.