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I will give you a copy of a mathematical programming problem already written in GAMS. You will be asked to:

a) Describe the problem in plain language from the given GAMS language and express the problem in compact equation form.

b) Run the GAMS program and:

(i) Report the optimum levels of the decision variables and the objective function.

(ii) Indicate which of the constraints are binding.

(iii) Interpret the marginal (dual) values of the constraints

(iv) Use the marginal values as a guide to a managerial decision.


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How does the movie, "The Expendables" perpetuates violence? And if you had to make it non-violent, how would it be successful?
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1.Prepare a list of 10 examples of powerful stylistic prose techniques from the novel "The Plague of Doves" by Louise Erdrich.

English homework help

The paper is straight forward. Just read the article and write your thoughts and opiono specifically on what you've just read. One full page, with two sources listed on a cited page. And, if you accept I'll pay the full amount up front. Not unless you don't feel confindent enough in completing the assignment.


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According to the textbook, there is a finite amount of time that our civilization can exist based on which of the following?
A. Our civilization is based on non-renewable resources.
B. Our production of nuclear weapons will lead to mass destruction.
C. At the present birth and death rates, our population will outgrow its capacity to feed itself.
D. Plagues and diseases from non-industrialized countries will kill the population.
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NAME: __________________________________


To: Law Clerk
From: Supervising Attorney
Date: October 16, 2012
Re: John Campbell; Validity of Liquidated Damage Clause and Spite Fence

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psych case study. Can someone do this assignment. It was due last night and I had a handshake, but it wasn't done. Please assist. Thanks!




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Discuss the ethical choices in the situations below. In each instance, describe the ethical dilemma, determine the alternative courses of action, and tell what you would do. 1. You are the payroll accountant for a small business. A friend asks you how much another employee is paid per hour. 2. As an accountant for the branch office of a wholesale supplier, you discover that several of the receipts the branch manager has submitted for reimbursement as selling expenses actually stem from nights out with his spouse. 3.