RESEARCH ESSAY WRITING — Research Thesis Statement:

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RRRRESEARCH ESSAY WRITING — Research Thesis Statement: (50 points)Due: 7/23 Submit a thesis statement for your Research Paper. You may find help under Course Information Tab and link, “Can’t see the Forest for the Trees”. I need to clear it before you write your proposal so you don’t waste your time with a thesis that is not appropriate. Worksheet of In-Text Citations and Working Bibliography Page (50 pts). Due: 7/25 See Course Information Tab for help with MLA format Proposal ( 100 points, 1000-1500 words) Due: 7/29 Write and submit a proposal for your research paper based on Lesson 6: “Gathering Research,” Lesson 7: “Integrating Research,” and Lesson 8: “Documenting Research.” Select the topic from an area of interest in your major field or choose another topic you are interested in and develop it into a research document. Write an argumentative research paper framing your argument with commentary and opinion with in-text documentation and Works Cited. Consult the suggested writing assignments in Student Course Guide for the Writer’s Odyssey for Lesson 8, p. 65. ReResearch Paper (200 points, 2000-3000 words). Due: 8/5 Your proposal as well as your subsequent research paper should reflect your consultation with external sources including books, periodicals, journals, interviews, surveys, and the Internet. Try to have a variety of sources and include at least five sources within the text of your paper using parenthetical documentation. You will use the MLA research format for your topic as discussed in your textbook. Remember to follow the guidelines format for 2009 MLA. A link has been provided under the Course Information Tab for your consultation. Check it out! Be sure to include a list of sources (working bibliography for the proposal and works cited for the actual research paper) at the end of your paper.