Famous Speech

Famous Speech

EN105 - Famous Speaker Assignment

Part 1.

For the final project, you will write a celebratory speech of introduction or honor, or a eulogy, for the speaker or for the subject of the speech you chose from the list provided. You may work alone or in pairs, but please make sure the work is distributed easily, and read the information in Part 1. Try to choose a speaker and a speech that appeal to you. This speech is due on Tuesday, April 25. You may choose a speech that is not on the list, but please let me know what it is before you proceed with this assignment. If your speech was already a eulogy given by another famous person, you may choose to write a speech about the speaker. For instance, if Alex Haley gave a eulogy speech for Malcolm X, you may wish to write a speech about Alex Haley. Here are some points to consider when writing the speech:

• Be certain of your focus.
• Make sure your speech is organized into specific points about your speaker.
• Include biographical information about the speaker that would be interesting to your listeners. Finding a particular narrative about that person would be helpful: give an example of that person's feelings and personality.
• Remember that you are writing a speech, not an essay. Try to make your speech lively and entertaining. You may use a more informal tone if your speech calls for it, but don't use slang or profanity! Write a speech that engages and interests your audience. Ask questions: "Did you know that….," "How many people are aware that …"
• Please do not choose Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a dream" speech. While it is one of the best, it is very well known and often discussed in speech classes. Remember, one of the points of this assignment is to acquaint students with a speaker whom they might not be familiar with. You may choose another, less well-known MLK speech.
• Please notify me of your speaker choice by Tuesday, April 18.No duplicates, please!
• This speech is due on is due on Tuesday, April 25. This is the end of the semester, so no changes or postponement allowed!
• This speech will most likely involve some research. Showing a photo or painting of the person you chose will be helpful.

Part 2.

From the speech you chose: Recite a 20-60 second memorizedportion of this speech. Keep in mind the emotions involved in the speech you chose. Incorporate these emotions into your memorized presentation. If you are working in pairs, both of you have to recite a different part of the speech.