DNA Profiling in Forensic Dentistry

DNA Profiling in Forensic Dentistry

You are responsible for preparing two journal article critiques. Each critique is worth 25 points. The critique should consist of a short summary, written in lay terminology, of an article that describes research in the discipline of forensic science. The article must come from one of the refereed, scholarly scientific periodicals listed on the Maag handout available on Blackboard. There is no length requirement for the critique. All conditions outlined below should be fulfilled. The critique must be submitted through the Blackboard platform.

The critique must include the following elements:

A summary of the article. The content should be explained in “lay” terminology appropriate for a general audience and include discussion of the scientific techniques, results, and conclusions.
A personal evaluation of the article itself, evaluating the experimental method and techniques. For instance, how do the experiments and results impact the field of forensic science? Did you understand the article? Was it well written? Were there flaws? How could a scientist potentially expand on this research?
A citation of the article.
Do NOT submit a copy of the article itself, the citation will suffice.

Use APA style for citations and formatting for all assignments (example below). Please follow this citation format exactly. Please do NOT include a URL (web address) or retrieval date in citations. You may include the DOI, but it is not absolutely necessary. If there are questions on citation format, consult the instructor.

Citation Format: Author Last, F. M., & Author Last, F. M. (Year Published). Article title. Journal Name, Volume(Issue), pp. Pages.

Example: Goldthorpe, S.B., & McConnell, P. (2000). A new method for recording clinical forensic evidence. Journal of Clinical Forensic Medicine, 7(3), 127-129.
The critiques will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Content – Did the critique effectively describe the article?
Form – Did the critique contain all of the required elements?
Grammar/Spelling/Paragraph structure/Neatness
Citation – Was the article from an approved scholarly research publication listed on the handout?
Readability – Generally, how well is the critique written?