Week 1: Welcome to MARS (Required/Graded)

Week 1: Welcome to MARS (Required/Graded)

Help anyone on your Forensics team if they are having trouble or issues getting through the lab. It is encouraged!

In week 1, we will connect to our Windows and Kali Linux Desktops.

Go to the Virtual Lab Environment module and access the lab going to the “Virtual Lab Access” sub module. There are directions on how to connect in Lab1.

Windows and Linux are two of the primary operating systems that you will encounter during forensic investigations.

Some of you have extensive experience with Linux while others are new to Linux.

Employers want to see candidates have a certain comfort level with both Windows and Linux.

Cybersecurity employers want students who have hands-on skills who can use the tools required on the job.

For that reason, we will hit the ground running in this class.

Log on to your Kali Linux machine on MARS.

Discuss either a Linux command with explanations and screenshots or one of the tools that can be utilized in Kali.

Do not select a tool or a command that another classmate from your forensic team has already discussed.

Welcome to MARS

Discuss the benefits this tool has and explain how it could be relevant to a forensics investigation.

Some examples of tools on Kali or Linux commands you can discuss include (you can use any tool on the Kali MARS VM:









If someone on your Forensics team has already picked one of the above tools, pick a different Kali Linux tool from MARS.

Please provide an APA formatted reference for your post.

Help anyone on your forensics team if they are issues with:

  • Connecting to MARS
  • Using Kali through Turbo VNC.
  • Getting through Lab 1.

It is encouraged!

Welcome to your forensics team and get ready to be immersed in forensic technologies in this hands-on grad program!