ITT-116: Project 4: Wide Area Network and Routing
Project 3: Local Area Networking – Enabling VLANs & Trunks
ITT-116: Corporate Infrastructure Part 2: Route and Switch
ITT-116: Corporate Infrastructure Part 1: Diagram
ITT-116: What are the most popular routing protocols
ITT-116: What are the advantages of using VLANs?
Project 2 – Install Windows Guest OS
Project 1 – Install Virtualization Solution (for Windows)
ITT-116: Network Configuration
ITT 116: How is analog data converted to digital
ITT-116: Explain the difference between synchronous and asynchronous transmissions
ITT-116: OSI Annotation
OSI Analysis: Describe how OSI model layers can affect a network’s design
ITT-116 MindTap Activity
Describe how OSI layers can affect a network’s design and network in general. Provide an example.
Does the OSI model conform to the TCP/IP protocols
ITT-116 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge