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MGMT 630 9080 Organizational Theory and Behavior (2202)
HW#1 Assignment: Students should write a brief issue paper paper on two major challenges facing today's organizational managers. For example, you can discuss technology, economics, personnel, global influences or politics etc. You must address five recommendations on how the challenges might be addressed to ensure organizational success and support your answers with research from scholarly sources (at least 4-6 scholarly sources such as journals). You should use the sources from the UMGC Online Library and refer to sources that have been published within the last five years.
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Follow the APA style guidelines for your citations and works cited . The focus of your paper should not be about the challenges in a organization, but a broad focus on the challenges in your chosen industry or field such as marketing, sales, government, public relations, non-profit management, human resources, acquisition or supply chain management etc. Your paper should be 5-7 double spaced typed with 1 inch margins with a 12pt font. Use Times New Roman. requirements include the following: including a good opening introductory paragraph, clear thesis statement, use of adequate graduate school level grammar, adequate spelling, supporting details and plausible examples as needed and have a good summarizing and concluding paragraph.