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OPRE 315 – Business Analytics for Decision Making

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Instructor Contact Information  Course Name:Business Analytics for Decision MakingCourse Number: OPRE 315.WB1Semester:Fall 2022  Instructor:Dr.    Office Location:BC-452Office Hours:By appointment
Course DescriptionAn introductory course in business analytics and its application to support business decision-making and improve business performance. The focus is on descriptive, and predictive analytics, including, optimization, decision analysis, data mining, data visualization, forecasting and simulation and their application to various functional areas in business such as finance, marketing, operations, and human resources. Special emphasis is placed on analytical concepts, computer implementation and communication of recommendations based on findings.Prerequisites: MATH 115 or equivalent and OPRE 202 or equivalent
Learning OutcomesUpon Completion of this course student will be able to:Explain the process of planning out prescriptive and predictive models in business analytics including characteristics, terms, and conceptsImplement deterministic models including  optimization for business applications such as portfolio selection, media selection, product mix, production planning, and transportationConduct data mining and building predictive analytic models.Apply stochastic models including decisions making under uncertainty and simulation for simple business problemsCommunicate effectively findings and recommendations from analytical models and data visualization
Course MaterialsTitle: Business Analytics (3rd edition, 2020)
Author: James R. Evans
Publisher: PearsonISBN: 978-0-13-523167-8If you want, you can buy the digital version of the textbook.(same title, same author, 3rd edition). Please note that the digital textbook is online, that is, you receive no printed copy of the textbook. Read carefully Digital Rights before purchasing the digital version of the textbook.You can purchase the textbook from the publisher or from the UB bookstore or from another store.Please follow the steps listed below if you want to buy the textbook from the UB bookstore.Go to on “Bookstore” link under Quick Links.Click on “Students Order Textbooks”.Click on “Your Term” downward arrow.Select Fall 2022.Click on “Your Course ID”.Select OPRE 315 WB1.Click on “View Your Materials”.Click on “Add Selected to Cart. Make sure your cart has the textbook as specified in this syllabus. Then like any other online shopping site, proceed to checkout.Please do not buy the international edition of this book because the international edition does not have all the topics and problems included in the U.S. edition.
Course ScheduleThe basic framework and due dates for this course are located in Lessons in the left navigational menu. You will find some or all of the following items in each weekly session: the topics and chapters covered, due dates, session objectives, topic overviews, lecture notes, assigned readings, discussion topics, homework problems, and exams.You can find a summary class schedule in Week 0 Semester Schedule section.You should review the current session at the beginning of every week and plan how to schedule your time accordingly. Reviewing your assignments will help you stay on track while still being flexible about any schedule changes.Note: See Lessons area to view your weekly readings, assignments, and due dates for this course.
Course LogisticsGeneral information and discussion items for the whole class will be posted in Discussion Forums. You can reach the Discussion Forums from the navigation menu on the left. This section is available to everyone in the class. These discussions are not graded.
 There are two topical discussions for each week (except for Week 7 and Week 15). These discussions are graded. The entire class is divided in two study groups for these discussions: Blue Group and Red Group. Each student belongs to either the Blue Group or the Red Group.

You can reach the Red Group or the Blue Group discussions from within the Discussion Forums on the navigation bar on the left. Please note that you will have access to only one study group: either Red Group or Blue Group.
 There are four homework assignments. These homework assignments are graded. The answers to homework assignments should be submitted in your Assignments area. If you are part of a team, then the team should submit its answers from the Assignments Folder of any one of the team members but the submission must contain names of all team members. A member whose name is missing from the assignment will not receive any credit. You can reach the Assignments section from the navigation menu on the left.I will be posting your grades each week in the “Gradebook”. You can access this gradebook from the left navigation menu. Each student will be able to see his/her grades only.
Grading InformationPlease click on the link below for information about the grading system.Grading SystemExaminationsThere is one midterm exam and one final exam for this course. The midterm exam is worth 25% of the course grade, and the final exam is worth 25% of the course grade.All exams are open book and open notes. You can use a calculator for numerical calculations. Statistical/graphing calculators are NOT allowed. Computer use is NOT allowed except, if you want, you can use it for typing the answers.The exam questions are NOT multiple-choice questions. They are more like the homework and discussion forum problems.For more information about the exams, please check sections: Instructions for Midterm Exam, Instructions for Final Exam, Preparing for Midterm Exam and Preparing for Final exam. These sections can be found in the Lessons area for Week 7 and Week 15.Discussion Forums Participation InstructionsParticipation in the group discussions for this course is mandatory. The entire class is divided in two groups for these discussions: Blue Group and Red Group. Each student belongs to either the Blue Group or the Red Group.Your Red Group or Blue Group discussion forum is located within the general discussion area located on the left navigation menu. Please note that you will have access to only one group: either Red Group or Blue Group.There will be two discussion topics each for Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6, Week 8, Week 9, Week 10, Week 11, Week 12, Week 13 and Week 14. There will be no discussions for grades in Week 7 (midterm exam week) and Week 15 (final exam week).I will post the questions for each week’s discussion topics. All students are expected to participate actively. The minimum number of postings required for each student in a topic will be specified in the posting.The total course grade for participating in the discussions is 26% (that is, 2% for each week). The discussion grade will be based on both quality and quantity of your postings. The grade for the discussion will be based on the value you add to the discussion. A student will get no credit for merely repeating what others have posted or copying materials from the textbook or lecture notes.Homework Assignment InstructionsPlease click on the link below for instructions on the homework assignments.Instructions for Homework Assignments Anchor
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