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Do Violent Video Games Cause Behavior Problems?

Do Violent Video Games Cause Behavior Problems?

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Do violent video games cause behavior problems?

Violent Video games

Violent video games cause more harm than good. In fact, the only positive attribute of violent video playing is that it improves the computer literacy skills in teenagers and youths (Massey 113). In weighing the effectiveness and influence of violent video games, some questions should be kept into considerations. This proposal shall highlight both the positive and negative effects of violent video games. In addition, several research methods will be used to collect and analyze data.

Some questions which will be used include: What attributes does violent video playing instill in an individual. Secondly, does video playing improves on any skills, be it cognitive or psychomotor skills. Thirdly, what does a child achieve by playing violent video games. Finally, what impacts or influences are caused by violent video games (Schulzke 127).

It is quite evident that violent video playing does not add any positive values to kids. The game only indulges children in a period of self satisfaction while decreasing on their level of creativity. Violent video playing also encourages laziness as it involves hours of sitting down. Unlike other games like football or baseball, violent video games require less energy and creativity. Teenagers are cultured to believe on the supernatural and imaginary beings rather than focus on the reality (Dill 134). Many teenagers who spent more time in violent games are less creative and inactive as compared to other children who involve in physical games like football.

On the issue of morality, there is a huge difference between violent video game addict children and the other physically active students. Video games contribute the high level of immorality among teenagers. This is because some of the video games have sexual scenes which should only be meant for adults. As a result, these teenagers became addicted not only to these games but also to pornography. On the other hand, physically active children like those involved in games like football are able to control themselves (Massey 115). This is correct from the biological aspect which states that physical activity can be used to evade sexual desire.

Violent video games also cause aggression and violence. Most of these games are centered upon violent actions of men or robots. Children are therefore psychologically cultured to be fighters in order to prove their capabilities and strength. Apart from this, violence also causes the children to be inhuman in that they lack their sense of consideration for others rights. In addition, individuals who are violent games addict are constantly involved in crime activities. Historical records show that since the late years of 1990s, the level of crime and violence has increased due to violent video games (Schulzke 129).

Another harm of violent video games is on social development. Psychologists have considered video games as having a negative effect on social development. Individuals who are video games addict have prosocial behaviors. These individuals do not care for their fellows’ rights and welfare but only consider themselves. In addition to this, video games addict have poor social and communication skills. These individuals cannot defend or express themselves in public. It has also been noted that some of the video games addicts have low self esteem and hide this by being violent and prosocial (Anderson 74).

From the above points, it is evident that violent video playing promotes bad behavior in individuals (Schulzke 135). In this proposal, I will do field research to build more on the points. I will visit rehab centers, schools and stores which sell video games. I will also interview psychologists, teachers, students and parent in order to get their view on video games.

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Do Violent Video Games Cause Behavior Problems?