Speech Writing Assignment

A speech essay is an essay that is written in present simple tense. Writing a speech is just like preparing a speech to give, the only difference is that the writer may not present it but hands it over to the instructor for mark awarding. When writing it just like in any other essay writing, one must make good use vocabulary but it should not make the speaker disconnected from the audience. A speech should be presented in such a way that it makes the listener or the reader feel how important the topic is to the speaker. Solid points should be presented in a logical order with clear transition being used when moving from one point to another. This makes sure that the audience is engaged.
There are different types of speeches, informative, persuasive and entertaining speeches. So before writing, it is important to know the type of speech to write which will be determined by its purpose and the kind of audience to be addressed. An informative speech will describe, report, define, clarify and demonstrate while a persuasive speech is made to move the audience to act or change their mind and agree with the speaker, for example when requesting for funds. Finally, an entertainment speech seeks to bring people together and make them happy like when welcoming people.
After knowing the type of speech to write, do research using the existing knowledge and experience. It is necessary if and facts are to be use but more so, it makes the speech more credible. People can relate to an experience from somebody else leaving them touched, so sharing a personal experience makes the point being put across be received effectively.
Begin by writing down the topic of the speech essay. A speech consists mainly of three parts that is the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Ofcourse the introduction marks the start. Its aim is to capture the attention of the audience, create interest and curiosity in the subject, set the tone and provide a general information on what is to be talked about and this can be done by the use of a rhetorical question, a startling or a ‘food for thought’ comment, a relevant short story or a personal experience of the audience. Greetings may also do.
The body is the most important part of speech. It must be written in a simple language that can be understood by the audience. This is where all the material that was collected in the research and prepared is presented. A detailed account must be provided in the most interesting manner to leave the reader with a clear understanding and longing for more. Present all the points in an order that makes sense that will make the audience to connect from one point to another hence more attention and understanding. Under each point, sub points can also be created. Incase of a persuasive speech essay, use facts, examples, quoting real life situations when incidents occurred due to an ignored problem.
For conclusion, one can either write a provocative question or thought or make a summary of the main points about the subject. Finish by restating the main idea. To end it all a of appreciation to the audience for offering the speaker attention can be noted down.