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What is a Reaction Paper

A reaction paper is a kind of paper that is written and designed to give a personal response or a view towards an event or even an action. In most cases, reaction papers are written by individuals to show their feelings about a particular subject matter. It may, in most cases, contain a general opinion about a particular subject or even what a person thinks about a particular topic. It is thus a general reaction to a topic. A reaction paper often answers the following questions about a particular subject; what are your feelings towards the subject, what is your opinion about the relevance of the topic, what is your attitude towards the subject, can you identify the importance of the topic, and do you agree or even disagree with the particular subject matter.

To begin with, the first statement in a reaction paper is the thoughts of the person who is writing the paper. This statement often begins with the phrase ‘I think’ to explain the thinking of the person towards the topic under question. The organization of the paper often begins with the topic under question. The topic may either be a publication, a discussion, or even the outcomes of a forum. The person who is writing a reaction paper should always state whether he/she disagrees with the topic. This usually provides the writer with the green light to evaluate the essay.

The body of a reaction paper should contain statements that support the thesis in order to provide the flow of the paper. The key points which support the thesis statement should also follow in the reaction paper. The points should act like the topic sentences of beginning new paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain similar statements which follow each other simultaneously. The body should also contain general quotations and evidence about the topic under question. The writer of a reaction paper should write supporting evidence contained in the form of examples and even statements that support the position of a person on a particular topic.

In order to improve a topic, a statement, or even written material about a particular topic, it is important to ask people about their opinions and feelings. This helps writers to understand the errors and the mistakes they have committed in their works. In addition, a reaction paper is more like a review of an article that is designed to combine different views and opinions about specific subject matters. The analysis of these views provides writers with a platform for correcting their mistakes and improving them to become a masterpiece. Paragraphs of reaction papers are unique in different ways because they provide the writers with a chance to correct what they have left out in their papers.

The conclusion part of reaction papers always contains the restatements of the papers, which is important in summarizing the general reaction of a person towards a subject matter. The conclusion should also contain comments and statements which summarize the overall reaction of a person towards a particular subject. The paper also contains predictions about the effects of certain comments on the researchers. In addition, the main objectives of a paper should also be included in the conclusion. The thesis statements should also be highlighted in order to demonstrate the importance of the paper.