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  1. Table of Contents
  2. Module 3: Job Redesign
  3. Job Design and Job Crafting Surveys

Job Design and Job Crafting Surveys

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For this discussion, you will be filling out some surveys based on the concepts of job redesign and job crafting. The job design survey is pretty simple, self-explanatory, and follows the five core job dimensions discussed in the background readings:

The job crafting survey appears in a complicated article, but the survey is relatively straightforward and appears on page 177 of the article linked below. For each question, a “5” indicates strong agreement, a “4” means moderate agreement, a “3” means neutral, a “2” means mild disagreement, and a “1” means strong disagreement. There are four dimensions of job crafting on this survey. All of these dimensions have five questions, with the exception of “decreasing hindering job demands,” which has six questions. The total possible score on each dimension is either 25 or 30, depending on the number of questions:

Report your scores on both surveys to your classmates and explain whether or not the results accurately describe your current job situation and the overall usefulness of each survey.

Also, discuss any practical implications that the results of each survey has on your organization. Do the results indicate that any specific job redesign or job crafting intervention should be done? Would you recommend either survey be used for a wider range of employees at your organization to assist in deciding on a job redesign or job crafting strategy?


423 3q